The BASS is a comprehensive assessment was developed to evaluate individuals who exhibit behaviors associated with the six areas of sexuality; Personal Skills, Relationships and Boundaries, Society and Culture, Sexual Behavior, Internet Awareness, and Sexual Health. The identified population for this assessment include those diagnosed with an Intellectual Disability (ID), Autism and individuals with a dual diagnosis of ID and mental health conditions. 

The BASS assessment results in the implementation of a Skill Development and Behavior Support Plan to enhance the knowledge associated with sexuality, and in turn, reduce the frequency of undesired sexual behaviors.

  • ​​​Communication

Poor communication skills often results in the use of inappropriate or challenging behaviors as a means of communication.  Communication Specialist services provides an emphasis on functional communication utilizing assessment, a skill training plan, and team training. 

Communication Specialist services provides a consultative service for individuals with Intellectual Disabilities who exhibit poor communication skills.  Following a referral, a thorough assessment is conducted to determine the current skill areas utilizing the VB-MAPP assessment.  Following assessment and observation, an Action Plan is introduced and all assessment results are summarized into a report.  A Consultant is assigned to train and model the Action Plan to all support members.  

Use of the VB-MAPP to assess the individuals abilities in 9 core communication skill areas:

  • Requesting
  • Labeling/Naming
  • Echoic Skills
  • Motor Imitation
  • Receptive Skills
  • Social Behavior
  • Spontaneous Vocal Behavior
  • Visual Perceptual/Matching Skills
  • Independent Leisure Activities
  • Training

The Cornerstone Agency employs individuals with varied backgrounds of experience and education.  Trainings are offered to providers and other individuals who serve individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. 

Please contact us to schedule your training. We can also custom design a training for your team.  

Current training topics include:  

  1. Functional Communication
  2. Autism and Asperger's
  3. Picture Exchange Communication System
  4. Social and emotional skill development
  5. Behavior Modification
  6. Activity planning for individuals with ID
  7. Team building

  • Behavior Modification

Behavior Support Services as described through the PA service definitions.  This is a short-term consultative service providing a functional assessment, a behavior support plan, and training from the plan.  

We use a three-phase process focused on team and individual skill training lasting a minimum of 9 months.

Phase I: Functional Assessment

  • Develop and implement Initial Recommendations within two weeks after meeting client
  • Determine "why" a person engages in a challenging behavior
Phase II:  Developing Strategies and Interventions
  • Write a Behavior Support Plan
  • Conduct individualized skill development based on consumer's need and/or skill deficits
Phase III:  Training
  • Train team members to implement the Behavior Support Plan
  • Consult with team members, monitor progress, and revise strategies when necessary
Referrals are available here and can be mailed, emailed, or faxed to our office.