Nancy Nash, B.S.                                    

   Nancy came to Cornerstone in 2012 to continue her passion working with the ID population. She has over 10 years experience working in both the children and adult sectors of ID services. She pairs these experiences with the Applied Behavior Analysis to approach cases with the most complex behavioral needs. Nancy specializes in using a strengths-based perspective to help teams identify client's unique qualities and gifts. She then works with teams to develop a creative approach to behavior modification as well as incorporating new avenues to enhance their quality of life. 

Nancy received her Bachelors Degree in Communication from VA Commonwealth University. She previously worked in a public school setting, teaching individualized curriculums to children with developmental disabilities. She also worked in a supervisory position for a local agency supporting adults with ID​.

Michelle Stagmer, M.S., BCBA   

   Michelle started her career in special needs support working as a Therapeutic Staff Support and has since moved to various roles including Outpatient Therapist, Foster Care Director and Clinical Director of a school for children with Autism. Michelle holds a Master's Degree in Sociology and a Master's Degree in Special Education with an emphasis in Applied Behavior Analysis.  Michelle is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst as well as a Licensed Behavior Specialist.  She has been working in the field for 12 years and enjoys supporting individuals with special needs.  

Jennifer Lengle, M. ED                    

 Jennifer joined our team as a Behavior Consultant in December 2013. She will receive a Master of Special Education degree and certificate in Autism from Messiah College in August 2014. She is a 1993 graduate of Penn State University where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education and Early Childhood. Prior to joining The Cornerstone Agency of PA, Jennifer worked with school-aged children and adolescence as a Therapeutic Staff Support (TSS). Her experience has been with persons with autism spectrum disorders and other developmental disabilities.

Brenda Laubach, M.A.                                    

 Brenda graduated from Marywood University with a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology with a concentration in child, clinical, and family studies.  She worked as a Behavior Specialist Consultant and Mobile Therapist primarily with children on the Autism Spectrum for 6 years. During that time, she created a specialized summer camp program for children with Autism, including securing funding and supervising direct day-to-day operations.  Brenda began working with adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities in 2008.  During that time, she completed psychological assessments (including ID evaluations) and served as Director of a Behavior Support Program.  In consultation with Dr. G. David Smith, Brenda created the protocol and procedure for communication assessments and skill training for individuals with limited or poor communication skills.  In 2012, Brenda and Nicole decided to start their own agency with two primary objectives:  To provide high-quality services based on the science of functional behavior assessment to individuals with disabilities and To provide a work environment for employees that fostered growth and development; realizing that the reputation of a human service agency is built on the reputation and quality of service provided by their employees.  Brenda is a Licensed Behavior Specialist. 

Meet Your Team

Madison Stansfield, B.A.                           

 ​Madison received her Bachelors of Arts degree in Social Work at Shippensburg University in the spring of 2015. Her experience working with individuals with intellectual disabilities began in 2011 when she shadowed a psychiatric and social rehabilitation worker. From that point forward, she has been dedicated to building her skill set and knowledge base, while her passion for serving people of all abilities flourished.  Prior to joining The Cornerstone Agency team, Madison worked as a residential advisor in a transitional group home setting. In this position, she helped individuals with intellectual and physical disabilities reach their highest degree of independence. Madison carries the same philosophy with her, and is committed to helping every consumer she works with reach their greatest potential. 

Michelle Linnen, B.A.                          

 ​Michelle started her career in this field 15 years ago as a direct care worker. She graduated from Penn State University with Bachelor of Arts degrees in Sociology and Administration of Justice. Michelle has been with the Cornerstone Agency since April 2014 and works primarily in Franklin County. She is looking forward to further developing her skills in relation to function and communication. Michelle is a Pottsville native and enjoys spending time outside with her shih tzus.


Behavior Consultant Supervisors

Behavior Consultants

Executive Director

Amy Mills, B.S.                           

 ​Amy joined Cornerstone in February 2016. She graduated from Penn State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology in the Spring of 2015. Prior to working for the Cornerstone Agency, Amy was a therapist for  children and adolescence teens with mental health in a Partial Hospitalization Program. Throughout college, Amy worked directly with individuals with intellectual disabilities as a caretaker. Amy continues to look forward to further develop her own skills with her career and aide in the growth of every consumer she works with. 

Rosa Soto, B.A.                          

 Rosa began her career with The Cornerstone Agency in November of 2016. She graduated in 2011 from Mount Aloysius College with her Bachelors of Arts in Sign Language/Interpreter Education. Prior to working for Cornerstone, Rosa worked as an Education Interpreter for one year and also served as a Missionary at the Christian School and Chapel for the Deaf in Puerto Rico for three years. There she had many titles, which included Teacher, substitute Director and Dorm Counselor. Rosa believes the skills and knowledge she learned while working at the school in Puerto Rico, has prepared her for working with her consumers at Cornerstone.

​Since working at Cornerstone, Rosa developed a Sign Language training for the teams of the several Deaf consumers she has on her caseload, as well as for those non-verbal individuals that use sign as their mode of communication. Rosa likes working with all of her consumers, but most enjoys working with Deaf consumers.

Jordan Korge, B.S.                              

 ​Jordan has a bachelor's degree from Penn State University in Applied Behavioral Science.  Previous work experience includes working in a residential setting as a direct care staff supervising children at the United Methodist home for Children. Jordan then transitioned to Dauphin County Case Management Unit where he worked as a Targeted Case Manager for children diagnosed with mental health disorders.  Jordan then worked with individuals diagnosed with intellectual disabilities as a supports coordinator for Cumberland /Perry MH.IDD. 
Jordan is pursuing a master's degree in marriage and family counseling at Messiah College.  His passion is family and his overarching career goal is to continue to help individuals and families achieve their life goals, whatever they may be. 
Jordan is a native Texan who enjoys spending time outside hiking, fishing or camping.  These activities usually involve his basset hound "Kevin".  Jordan and his wife recently had their first born child-a daughter. He is looking forward to  new roles as both a father and a behavior consultant.  

Kate Hall-Robbins, LSW                 

 Kate originally joined the Cornerstone team as an MSW intern in the Fall of 2016 and transitioned into a permanent role as a Behavior Consultant upon completion of her Master's in Social Work in May 2017. She obtained her LSW in the fall of 2018. During her education, Kate researched and studied interventions associated with sexually inappropriate behaviors, as well as trauma-focused interventions effective for the IDD population. Kate also has an interest in working with diverse age groups with diverse age groups within the ID population. This includes providing IQ testing to help diagnose individuals with IDD, as well as providing individual dementia screenings for the aging population. Kate's passion for social began as a member and President of the Best Buddies chapter at York College of PA, which inspired a career within the field as a program supervisor at a local, community based day program where she advanced and became the Director of Development.  Outside of the work space, Kate has completed multiple volunteer trips to third world countries to work with adults with physical and intellectual disabilities.

Lance Wallace, B.A.                                          

 ​Lance studied Psychology at Penn State University and earned his Bachelor's Degree. He had worked in the Behavioral Health/Human Service for three years as a residential direct care worker prior to coming to The Cornerstone Agency. Lance has a sister diagnosed with Down Syndrome which he feels has given him experience in behavioral health throughout his life. Lance feels some of his personal life achievements are never having missed a day of school from K-12 Grades, and he was a People Student Ambassador in 2006. Lance is currently enjoying his experience at The Cornerstone Agency as he develop his skills in ABA and Functional Communication Training, as well as helping individuals achieve their potential.