" Supporting individuals with disabilities to grow, achieve, develop, maintain, and enhance skills and abilities. Through collaboration with team members we build and sustain long-term positive life changes."

Consulting Specialists

We receive consultation and training from a Licensed Psychologist, B.C.B.A-D. and a Certified Speech and Language Pathologist, B.C.B.A.

Bachelor's Level Behavior Consultants

Every Behavior Consultant (BC) receives training prior to working with clients.  Trainings include both classroom and on-site modules.   All employees have successfully completed the Functional Behavior Assessment training as well as attended trainings in Positive Behavior Supports.

Master's Level Supervisors

All supervisor's hold a Master's degree in a related field and have additional training in ABA practices.  

The Cornerstone Agency of PA, Inc.

Founded in 2012 by Nicole Deibler, M.S., B.C.B.A. and Brenda Laubach, M.A.


  • Over 25 years of collective experience in the field
  • Frequent on-site contact with Master's Level Supervisors
  • Communication to all team members on treatment and progress
  • Timely and thorough quarterly progress reports
  • Professional and well trained Behavior Consultants